Transgender Beauty

Working with transgender people is something we are very passionate about.

Knowing you’ve been born in the wrong body must be extremely traumatic for a person so if we can play even a small part in helping someone feel more comfortable in their own skin then we would love to help.

Transgender Friendly Aesthetic Clinic in Bournemouth

We are a small, mother and daughter team that work together in our very private, secluded clinic. We have a range of clientele from all walks of life and are completely open-minded. We appreciate that for some people who are transitioning, discretion and privacy is paramount, so we allocate generous appointment slots for our clients meaning that no one ever has to be left in a busy waiting room.

When discussing topics that may require sensitivity our ethos is to give every client as much time as they need to fully understand the treatment options available to them and we pride ourselves on the fact that no one ever feels rushed.

At Rediscovered Skin Clinic, we offer a wide range of treatments that could make the life of someone who is transitioning that little bit easier. Some of these include permanent hair removal, dermal fillers and anti-ageing injections, permanent makeup and a fantastic range of conventional makeup.

Permanent hair removal

This can be for anyone but is particularly for a male transitioning to a female. Unwanted hair can be got rid of from many areas such shoulders and backs, fingers & toes, tops of arms & underarms and most significantly, facial hair.

An added bonus with IPL hair removal is that it also gives an element of skin rejuvenation which results in male skin become much softer and more feminine.

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Fillers and anti-ageing injections

Whilst these treatments are invaluable when looking to soften and feminise the face, they may also be used to strengthen and define the jawline.

Men tend to develop deeper lines as they age so anti-ageing injections will smooth areas whilst dermal fillers can plump up areas that are lacking volume.

We understand that the male and female bone structure differs, sometimes significantly, so we use fillers to give definition to cheekbones, increase volume and fullness of lips, soften any deep lines around the mouth and change nose shape.

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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is very useful alternative if applying conventional makeup is a struggle or if you want a more long term option. It can be used to feminise facial features such as eyebrows, eyes and lips and can give a beautifully subtle, natural look or if desired, something more dramatic.

Eyebrows play a key role on the face and an elegant, feminine arch will work wonders for opening up the eyes and giving a feminine ‘lift’ to the whole face. Eyeliner can be used to offer a more open-eyed look, create the illusion of thicker lashes and to give a sultry almond appearance. A lip blush is fantastic for creating a feminine, soft and sexy cupids bow. This gives lips the illusion of greater volume whilst giving them a flush of colour as subtle or noticeable as desired.

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Conventional makeup

Applying makeup is something many men and women struggle with. We have a fantastic skincare and cosmetic range that work synergistically to give soft, healthy skin. We offer makeup tutorials where we teach people how to correctly apply each product and give a step-by-step demonstration. A ‘colour matching’ service is also offered as getting these things right can make a big difference to how someone looks and feels.

We consider it a privilege to be entrusted with such a delicate responsibility and relish the opportunity to work with anyone who feels they may benefit from our services.

We offer no obligation consultations, please call us or send an email enquiry to book.

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