Is It For Me?

In recent years there has been an enormous shift in the world of aesthetics.

From what was quite a taboo subject with hardly anybody admitting to having treatments to well known, proud advocates of non-surgical procedures, there’s been a huge change in the way that aesthetics has been perceived. Many people are now more aware of their options and have been helped to feel empowered in the decisions that they make about their appearance.

That said, there are still a number of people who get in touch with us wondering if there’s anything that can be done for them. Some are embarrassed by life-long problem skin, some feel they’re too old to be helped, some are concerned about affordability.

We thought it may be useful to hear from some of our real-life clients who shared similar concerns that people may be able to identify with. We asked 3 of our wonderful clients, all at different stages of their lives, to tell us about their treatment journey at Rediscovered Skin Clinic. They’ve given us a little bit of background of their personal circumstances, why they sought out help, what treatments they had and most importantly how the results have impacted their lives.

Feeling the pressure of social media??

We were approached by Emily and through our initial questionnaire, we found out a few things about her to get to know her better before deciding how we might help her.

We discovered that she is a professional, working woman in her late twenties who loves to socialise with a few cocktails, eat out and go to the gym in her spare time. She’s a keen festival-goer, loves a YouTube makeup tutorial and her guilty pleasures include watching Love Island and spending too much time on social media!

Her reason for getting in touch with us was that her skin was acne-prone and this was affecting her confidence. Her big worry was that this would hold her back from making the most of career opportunities and, being a single lady, that dating wasn’t something she felt comfortable doing. She said she’d love to be able to go out without makeup every day and to feel comfortable in her own skin.

After chatting through the options, we suggested a bespoke plan for Emily to tackle her acne which involved a range of treatments such as skin care, laser and skin peels to help her skin look its very best. Our end goal was to get Emily feeling sexy, sassy and the best version of herself again!

Here’s what she said:

“This treatment package has sent my confidence through the roof. I don’t worry about going to meetings and conducting interviews anymore and it might sound crazy but I feel like I get taken more seriously because I don’t have to wear such thick makeup to hide my skin.
I feel confident enough to start dating without worrying about making sure I’m always up first to apply my makeup before they see my skin! Honestly, it’s been a game-changer for me in loads of ways.”

When’s the last time you got time for YOU?

Claire found us because, in her words, in amidst the nappies, school runs, being an on-call taxi service and chef, she felt she had lost her identity.

As a working mum trying to spin too many plates she hadn’t prioritised herself for years and had forgotten that she was an individual before motherhood took over!

Through our initial questionnaire we found out a bit more about Claire so we could really pinpoint the best way to help her. She has 3 children, works part time around the school hours and socialises mostly with other parents at each other’s houses, not really going out like she used to. She loves to read a bit of ‘Heat’, watches the soaps, and shops mostly online in Next or New Look because she hasn’t got time and would rather not face the changing room mirrors.

Claire felt that the last decade had taken a toll on her looks and confidence and wanted to try and regain some of the youthful glow she had in her earlier thirties and slow down the signs of ageing. She said she was too young to start looking like her mum! We suggested a bespoke ‘Rediscover Yourself Programme’ for Claire which involved treatments tailored to her specific skin requirements. Her programme included some anti-ageing injections to keep those fine lines at bay, dermal fillers to revolumise and some Moxi laser treatments to gently resurface her skin and restore her glow!

This is what she had to say:

“Before I looked tired all the time. No amounts of concealer were helping and I was really starting to feel down about myself. I had spent every spare penny making sure the kids had everything they needed growing up and felt guilty about spending anything on myself. Over time I realised that actually, if I was happier with ‘me’, the people around me would benefit too. So I saved up and had a treatment programme. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results, I look fresher-faced, my skin isn’t dull anymore and having my fine lines sorted has made me feel so much more confident! I look the age I am and not like I’m catching up with my mother. Sorry mum!!”

Life begins at fifty…

Sandra came to see us because she felt she needed a bit of a ‘pick me up’ and confidence boost.

She had recently split with her husband of over 30 years and in her early sixties, was apprehensive about the prospect of getting back out into the dating world.

During our initial consultation we learned a bit more about Sandra in order to help us devise the most appropriate treatment plan for her. Sandra is a keen gym-goer who having recently lost 2 stone, likes to look after herself. She works part-time and enjoys socialising and lunching with the ladies on her days off. She helps out with her grandchildren but is glad to give them back after ‘sitting’! Her favourite places to shop are Monsoon, Wallis, Marks and Spencer or little boutiques.

A big worry for Sandra was not feeling she could compete with the younger generations when it came to finding love again. She wanted to look and feel fabulous so we suggested a customised programme to include a range of treatments designed to soften wrinkles, replace volume lost with age or weight loss and rejuvenate your skin on her face, neck and hands.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I was really nervous about having any treatments like this as I didn’t want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb. I wanted a subtle look so I looked fresh faced and healthy but not ‘overcooked’. I’m thrilled with the results so far and I believe they’re only going to get better! I felt listened to, understood and I now feel like my face radiates the confidence I feel inside.”

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