The Journey

We want the best for each, and every one of our clients, and to be a part of making people feel the best version of themselves is the reason we developed a new way of working which we call ‘The Journey’.  If you are ready to achieve your skin goals and willing to absolutely trust our expertise – then this could be for you! 

This way of working is intensive, so is for people who are serious and committed to making a real and tangible change.  This unique approach comes with a different pricing structure which starts from £6K.

We know how it feels not to feel fab. To not have as much confidence as you’d like. To not to be OK with the ageing process. To not feel comfortable in certain situations, to not feel able to join in with things with a carefree attitude. To dread photographs being taken.  We hear you. We get it.  We can help.  It’s important for you to know that however you’re feeling about yourself, not only are there others out there who can wholeheartedly identify with those feelings, but that you don’t have to stay feeling that way. 

In fact, we are both on our own personal journeys this year, and because we feel so strongly about this, we felt it was only fair to share ours with you.  We each filmed a video of our starting point, our reasons and motivations and what changes we’re hoping to achieve, which you can watch below.

We know that you are the expert on you and how you want to feel, but we are the experts on how to get you there! So, going forward we will be working with far fewer clients, on a much deeper level, to enable us to truly help people transform their skin – and confidence – over a 6-to-12-month period.


What is 'The Journey'?

If you’re wondering who this new approach is for, it’s for someone who: 

  • Is ready to up their game, put themselves first and is after a real, tangible result.
  • Has flitted from treatment to treatment but still isn’t happy with where they’re at.
  • Feels overwhelmed by the options out there and needs guidance.
  • Is stuck in a rut and has lost their identity.
  • Feels the outside is wildly mismatched with the person inside.
  • The ageing process doesn’t sit comfortably with.
  • Likes the idea of having their own personal skin experts “on tap”.
  • Wants a significant change but just wants to be told where to show up and when – who doesn’t want the details, just to know we’ll get you from A to B!

Why do we use the 3D anti-ageing method?

We base your Journey around a “3D anti-ageing” approach. We know that to address the ageing process in a holisticall-encompassing way, we have to look at everything that’s going on and for a real, tangible, WOW transformation, we need to look at all of the following elements:

Layer 1: SKIN – This is what you can see on the surface and includes pores, sun damage, broken capillaries, a loss of collagen and elastin which shows up as line and wrinkles.

Layer 2: FAT PADS – These are what is supporting your skin and with age (and weight loss), they deflate and descend, creating things like hollowing under the eyes, sunken temples and jowls.

Layer 3: MUSCLES and LIGAMENTS – These sit under the fat pads and are the underlying support to everything on top! In the lower face especially, the muscles lose their tautness with time so you start to see a laxity (drooping) in that area.

Layer 4: The SKULL  – we also lose bone density as we age meaning our eye sockets become larger, our jaw bone shrinks – all of which equating in our skin having less support. Think a of a tablecloth (our skin) over a large table (our skull). That table is then switched out for a smaller table. The cloth stays the same size but it’s going to look very different on the small table than on the large!

There’s nothing we can do about your skull at this point in time – hence why we call it 3D anti-ageing and not 4D! 

Addressing all of these elements takes time, consistency and commitment so we need you to “trust the process” – but if you do, we will absolutely get you results!

To start with you meet with Aly and Jade, our two senior aesthetic practitioners over a coffee!  We take as long as it needs (often an emotional hour or two) really getting to the bottom of what your concerns are.  What you like, what you don’t, what you have always wanted to change, what your insecurities are.  We all have our hangups and when we chat with you, we’re asking you to be open and honest about yours. (In our own ‘Journey’ videos we were very honest and out of our comfort zones so please trust us when we say, we really do understand how you feel when you’re laying your soul bare to us!) 

We look at what events you have planned over the coming year, holidays, parties, weddings for example. We chat around whether there are any treatments that you really are not keen to have and those that you have perhaps had previously. 

From here, if we all think it would be a good fit for you, we can work out a cost for your completely bespoke, personalised programme for the coming year.  Now this is the interesting part – you don’t get a plan to walk away with! You will need to place your trust in us to tailor make a programme to get you to where you want to be. 

Of course, we will tell you what you are having before you come for each treatment, but working in this fluid way allows us to change things as we go if you, or we, feel that we aren’t getting the desired results. This will require a time commitment from you as you will be having treatments at least once a month. 

Do I have to work with you in this manner?

Not at all. We know it’s not right for everyone and we are selective about who we work with in this way. For those it’s not a good fit for, we will continue to offer stand alone treatments as we have always done.

What if I hate laser or dermal filler treatments and you have put it in my plan?

At consultation we deeply analyse what it is you want to achieve and if we feel that there are treatments that really are needed in your plan but you are not willing to have them, then of course we will always try to come up with alternative solutions however it may be that this way of working is just not right for you.  

Do I have to pay for the whole Journey up front?

You can if you wish! If you’d rather split the payments, we require an initial payment of a third of the total cost to allow us to get your Journey underway. The subsequent payments can be split in two and paid over the following couple of months.

Why have you changed how you're working?

Simply because we’ve realised there’s a better way! One of our clients put it perfectly in that she ‘flits’ from treatment to treatment with ‘shiny new object syndrome’.  This is exactly why we developed ‘The Journey’ – in our bid to never point out what someone “needs”, we unintentionally did you a disservice. When we launch a new treatment or bring in a new piece of equipment – you want it!! And there’s nothing wrong with that in theory and of course nothing that you have done in clinic will ever be wasted, BUT it’s not always the best way to achieve the outcomes that you want to achieve! 

You need guidance and structure and that’s what you’ll get with the Journey.

Does it have to be over 6-12 months?

Ideally, yes. They could be shorter but over the years, we’ve come to realise that the best results take time. New collagen production continues for a number of months after each treatment, plus, many treatment options involve an element of downtime, so we like to space most of them a month apart. Additionally, we like to address all the elements of the ageing process, from skin tone and texture, to volume loss, right down to the supportive structures beneath. This takes time and often, multiple treatment modalities.

How do you work out my personal Journey price?

No two Journeys are the same. Each is bespoke and is entirely built around your goals and what you’re wanting to look and feel like by the end of the 6-12 months. This is why the price begins at £6K with no upper limit. This starting price is worked out by considering all of the elements of ageing that require addressing for the most impactful results – uneven skin, facial muscles, volume loss and lack of deeper structural support.

The price will not only be dependent on the goals you’ve expressed, but also on your starting point – eg. Whether you’re entirely new to treatments VS already looking after your skin.

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