We’re SaveFace accredited!

We’re SaveFace accredited!


As things stand at the moment the aesthetic industry is entirely unregulated which means that untrained practitioners are currently free to inject your faces – often with disastrous results! Despite an extensive report that recommended an independent register, and whilst the government recognises the risks to you, the clients, they still have not acted on this. Where they have fallen short in taking measures to protect the public against disreputable ‘practitioners’, SaveFace has taken the lead in creating a register for you, the consumer to search for safe, accredited practitioners and clinics.

As accredited SaveFace practitioners you can be assured that we have been assessed by a Clinical assessor against standards that are accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and recognised by the Government, the Department of Health, NHS England, the Care Quality Commission and Health Education England.

In addition we and our clinic have undergone an on-site assessment against a stringent set of standards to check that; we are who we say we are; we are medically qualified and currently registered with a statutory body with genuine and relevant qualifications for the treatments we offer. We are assessed that our qualifications are genuine and relevant, that our training is adequate and up to date and that we are appropriately insured.

Our clinic environment is assessed to ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation and that it has the necessary equipment and facilities to provide treatment safely. Lastly the information and advice we give is inspected along with the products we use to ensure they are from legitimate, safe suppliers.

So, in summary if you have visited us before – please return soon; if you haven’t yet visited us, then please do! You can rest assured that your face is safe in our hands!

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