Mole Checks

Mole check-ups of all skin types include assessment of risk factors and an extensive full body examination.

Mole analysis includes the use of a specialised magnifiying light called a Dermatoscope.

All mole consultations will include education on how to examine your own skin, the worrying features to look out for and sun protection.

Any moles and lesions that may require medical treatment will be identified and a range of treatment options will be offered to you.

In the event that you wish to have a mole or lesion removed for cosmetic reasons treatment options will be discussed.

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Surgical Procedure with Histology: £350

Follow Up Appointments: £60

What is a mole?

Moles are collections of pigmented cells (called melanocytes) in the skin. They can be found anywhere on the body and may be flat or raised. On occasions they may be non-pigmented. Most moles are benign (not cancer).

What should I be worried about with a mole?

You should get into the habit or regularly checking your moles (and getting someone to check them for you if they are on your back!) If you notice a change in size, shape or colour do not hesitate to go to your GP.

What should I be looking for with a mole?

What happens if the Doctor finds a suspicious mole?

The Dermatologist may either do a biopsy or remove the mole. All samples are sent to a local laboratory for histological testing with results available within one week.

Surgical procedures include;

• Removal of moles
• Removal of pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions
• Removal of unwanted skin tags and warts, cysts and milia
• Removal of lesions which are restricted on the NHS (classed as ‘cosmetic’)
• Injection of hyperthrophic (thickened) and keloid scars

What happens after my procedure?

Follow up appointments are available with the Dermatology Speciality Doctor to discuss histology results; treatment outcomes; to monitor treatment; to plan future treatment and for removal of stitches and dressing changes.

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